Top toys for Christmas 2018 And Baby bath toys for 3 month old

The 5 Best toys for Christmas 2018 Registers for Your Children to Have Fun and Prepare for a Bright Future

From pre-school age children embark on a journey of learning that will last a lifetime, it is during this phase when they have their first conscious encounters with numbers, letters, and colors; as loving and responsible parents, we must provide them with all the necessary tools to promote the integral development of our children.

A great way to achieve this goal is to encourage them to play stimulating and educational toys, get your child to appreciate and enjoy the teachings taught will help develop a positive attitude towards learning.

The toy cash registers are a great learning tool, ideal to introduce the basic notions of money management, calculations, and mathematics to children’s lives.

Give them the opportunity to have fun and learn while discovering through the game how the world of adults works.

What is the best toy cash register? toys for Christmas 2018

If something is true in this world is that children love toys, however, the task of finding the most appropriate can be somewhat overwhelming, the current market is overflowing with options, hundreds of brands, colors, sizes, functions, and designs fill the shelves, for that reason, we recommend you keep in mind the following information at the time of purchase, so that you arrive at a good port navigating the waters of this sea of toys.

The recommended age for the use of the toy

The manufacturing materials: Quality and safety for your children  Design
The educational level of the toy
The manufacturer brand
The general opinion of the user community
The price of the product

Having this information will help you in the task of finding and choosing a good quality product.

To help you a little, we have prepared our comparative selection, a shopping guide that collects the most relevant information about the best cash registers for children, to make your life easier and more productive.

#  Klein 9356 toy touch register toys for Christmas 2018

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The design includes a touchscreen

We present you a great cash register, the perfect toy to motivate your girl or boy during their fun time.

It is a super fun toy, equipped with a light scanner, a speaker microphone, a calculator, a slot to register the credit card and a wonderful touchscreen.

It works with 3 AAA batteries that are included in the package. The cash register is accompanied by bills, coins, and a security key to open the cash drawer.

The toy has been manufactured with a super resistant plastic and presents finishes of great detail and quality.

# 2 Minnie Mouse Disney electronic toys for Christmas 2018

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Its use is recommended for children over 3 years of age

It is an affordable toy cash register, a design specially made for girls since it is inspired by the adorable Disney character, Minnie Mouse.

This cash register comes with multiple sound effects, lights, and functions to make the game experience wonderful.

It includes a nice and functional calculator, a microphone with a loudspeaker, a card reader, a scanner for the barcode registration, a customizable payment card, a security drawer, bills, and coins.

It works with 3 LR6 batteries. You have the opportunity to buy the design in various colors, so you can choose the one that your little one likes best.

# 3 Playgo electric toys for Christmas 2018

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A game kit with great sound and light effects

If you are looking for a beautiful and functional cash register, this model is perfect for your children. The toy includes 36 accessories to complement any game session.

It is an electric machine equipped with a laser light gun, a product conveyor belt, a calculator with an alphanumeric keypad, a security drawer, 16 bills, 16 coins, a shopping basket and 4 food boxes.

All buttons emit fun sounds when pressed, and the bright, multi-colored design will catch the attention of any child.

It works with 2 AA batteries. Its use is recommended for children over 36 months.

# 4 Children’s toy cash register Inside Out toys for Christmas 2018

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Includes shopping basket and toy foods

We present a super complete game kit that includes: A fabulous toy cash register, equipped with a scanner, a scale, a calculator, a drawer to fit the paper roll and issue purchase tickets, bills and toy coins, a security key, a market basket and plastic foods that simulate frequent purchases from home.

It has a speaker microphone and fun sound effects when you press the keys. In addition, you can purchase it in two different colors: Red and Pink. It works with 3 AA batteries. Its use is recommended for children over 3 years.

# 5 Fisher-Price Mattel 72044 toys for Christmas 2018

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Excellent relationship between quality and price

It is the least expensive model of our selection, an excellent toy for your children and your pocket. This adorable cash register is produced by the renowned children’s brand Fisher-Price, which guarantees a high level of quality in their toys.

Its design is inspired by the classic model of old cash registers, it has a lever system to open the cash drawer and includes large plastic coins that can be inserted into the machine to process payments.

This toy can be used by the smallest of the home since its use is recommended for children from 2 years old.

10 Great Ideas in Toy Gifts for Children from 5 to 7 years old

At this age, your children begin to live true childhood. His curiosity, intelligence, and understanding of the environment are becoming more and acuter. Therefore, not everything entertains or entertains. For this Christmas, it is better to have good ideas in gifts of toys for children from 5 to 7 years old, so you will not see long faces of boredom but happy faces during these holidays.

Keep in mind that at this stage, the boys are like in the middle. We are neither very small nor very large, so we must be equally careful in the choice, not to give them something that kills them of annoyance or that is too advanced for their age.

If you are precisely in search of the best and least expensive options, here is a convenient list of suggestions that will serve as a comparison to buy the most appropriate present.

# 1 LEGO Disney Princess Moana’s Ocean Voyage toys for Christmas 2018

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What child does not like a LEGO set? Especially girls will enjoy this particular because it is allusive to Disney Hawaiian princess, Vaiana. The figurines with the main characters, the boat, the fruits, the palm trees and the volcano, will allow them to recreate a fantasy about the animated film to have a great time.


# 2 Barracks Ghostbusters fire station  toys for Christmas 2018

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To hunt down all the ghosts in the city, the boys will need a barracks-like this. If you have small fanatics of the Ghostbusters at home you will delight them with that Christmas gift that they have up to the office, the laboratory and space for the Ecto 1, the special car so that the figurines of the protagonists come into action. Do not panic with the silicone drool if you find it in some corner of the floor.


# 3 Mega garage Hot Wheels toys for Christmas 2018

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It will cause you to play with the guys if you give them this incredible garage. The fans of the strollers that already have their collection will be happy with this gift with which they will put all the cars to defy gravity with great speeds. What is most cool about this model is its capacity because it brings up to 36 parking spaces.


# 4 Spin Master Hatchimals Surprise toys for Christmas 2018

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The latest trend in toys for girls includes the Hatchimals, which are magical and hairy creatures hidden in cute and curious speckled eggs. The princesses of the house will enjoy this gift because it will be a double surprise, to receive it and to incubate and see two surprise animals.

# 5 KidKraft doll house

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A dollhouse as big and beautiful as this one cannot be missing in this year’s Christmas gift lists. The dolls of the girls will have a super space to make life in it. They can play for hours with their dolls bathing in the tub or playing the piano and even sleeping in their room on the third floor.


# 6 Wall Tracks Hot Wheels Mattel toys for Christmas 2018

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The kids who do not want to park their strollers but spend long hours of action and continuous racing will love this track. It brings mechanisms with motor and several levels of height and speed to see those cars move like fireballs. The best thing about it is that you can incorporate several children into the game so your kids can invite their friends to have fun.

# 7 My Magic Show Buki France 6060 toys for Christmas 2018

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All children love magic and the smartest and cleverest will want to have at home this game that brings up to 20 tricks with their step by step explanations to surprise all their friends from school and the whole family. It will be a very original gift for this Christmas.

# 8 Venkman, Dana and Dogs by Gozer toys for Christmas 2018

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If you give toys with Ghostbusters and their combat accessories, who will fight if you do not have monsters and specters? The game of your little fans of the Ghostbusters will be complete with these toys that include the Gozer Dogs. The boys will be super entertained with Dana and Venkman hunting these beings from beyond.

# 9 Playmobil Spengler and Ghost toys for Christmas 2018

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To make the gaming experience of the little ones of the house fans of the Ghostbusters movies more intense, this game is of luxury. The ghosts shine in the dark, which will make the game of combat against the ghosts much more fun and real.

# 10 Bicycle without wooden pedals Janod toys for Christmas 2018

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Having the freedom to take a walk in the park is something that is beginning to be enjoyed at this stage of childhood, so if you have a little one around 5, 6 or 7 years old, this wooden bicycle without pedals will be a fantastic gift. Exercise legs and prepare for bikes of large people.









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