Phenoxyethanol, a dangerous product in baby wipes

A few months ago, Yolanda, a classmate of the stimulation class I, went to with a little girl and told us that the baby wipes had a product that was toxic, phenoxyethanol or phenoxyethanol. We looked at all the wipes we had for our babies and it turned out that all the brands we had, believe me, they were varied, had that substance.

After investigating, I found that the French government had banned this substance in products like baby wipes that are used in the diaper change, in 2012. I attach the translation of the French text, then I tell you the options that I found.

“In a risk assessment of the use of phenoxyethanol in cosmetics, published in May 2012, the National Security Agency for Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) recommends avoiding the use of cosmetic products for babies containing this substance.”

Phenoxyethanol is an aromatic ether used as a preservative that is absorbed orally and dermally. It is metabolized mainly in the liver and is mainly eliminated in the urine. The ANSM considers that if the safety margins for exposure to this preservative at a concentration of 1% can be considered acceptable in adults, however, they are not sufficient for children under 3 years of age. Therefore, for those under 3 years old ANSM recommends:

– the non-use of phenoxyethanol in cosmetics for the seat
– an ether restriction at a concentration of 0.4% on all other types of products (against 1% currently)

Phenoxyethanol is part of the glycol ether family. These ethers are water-oil co-solvents used in many industrial applications, including cosmetics. They are likely to be present in many cosmetic products (body lotions, facial creams, hair products, makeup …).

Nothing similar has been done in our country. This substance, like other undesirable substances, appears in many of the products we use with our babies.

I leave you options, the two of the brand Carrefour do not contain phenoxyethanol but the blue ones have parabens, better the white ones. Of other substances neither is saved.

A few days ago, a friend came with his son to see us at home, he brought wipes from Ahorramás and it turns out that they do not have phenoxyethanol either. Although I looked at the ingredients, I can not guarantee that they do not have parabens, they do not always write the same ingredients and I do not know all the ways to do it, but I did not think so.

The author of the blog Dear Naiara, informed me that she had found some Supersol that was very good, she also checked that they do not have phenoxyethanol, analyzes the rest of the components.

A reader of the blog, Ester Bermúdez, sends us two more options for which you have Caprabo or Eroski nearby.

The Mustela brand, is also another option within the best-known brands, although as with all non-organic brands contains other products that are not as respectful.

Wipes without phenoxyethanol every time there are more wipes without phenoxyethanol on the market, so it is easier to avoid this substance, although of others that are also harmful we are not free in any way. I understand that in the same way that brands take note that many families avoid certain products because they have toxic substances such as phenoxyethanol, many others could be avoided, it is a matter of informing ourselves and stop consuming what is harmful to our children.

I leave you two eco wipes, very natural for you to have more options, these are highly recommended options, but of course, it shows in the price, the readers who recommend us to say they wait for there to be offers and stock a lot.

And a long time ago I told you that Huggies had put the batteries and had launched a line of wipes more respectful. The beige, which is called Pure, has no perfume, are the best option of all of this brand.

These are other wipes sent to us by a reader of La mum de Pequeñita who also does not have phenoxyethanol.

Wipes without phenoxyethanol:

A former student who is now a mother, recommends these others:

Surely there is someone who can illustrate more about the ingredients of wipes, I’m avoiding products that I hear and investigate that are not healthy for my little girl but I am not a specialist in this topic and I do not know if the alternatives I’m choosing as soon as to wipes contain other harmful products. Surely some of you can give us more light on this issue. For the other cosmetic products (cream, soap, shampoo), I use a brand of natural products, My little girl had a diagnosis of atopic dermatitis and is practically controlled with them.

For a while, we bought these Ahorramás wipes, which do not have phenoxyethanol, although we hardly use them anymore.

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