The 8 Best Cheap Surveillance Cameras

Best cheap surveillance cameras welcome to a new guide of Digital, with the 8 best cheap surveillance cameras on the market. Modern life involves a huge amount of stress: children, work, caring for and caring for your loved ones and your animals. It is a long list and it is normal that we sometimes overflow. The cheap surveillance cameras help you to flow this.

One of the reasons why surveillance cameras have become so popular is that they allow you to be in several places at once: travel and monitor your pets, make the purchase and control the elderly or simply dine quiet / knowing that your baby sleeps.

Do you have a business and would like to be more present without wasting hours of your time? This guide is also for you.

To make our top 8 cheap surveillance cameras, we have focused on the catalog of the Amazon store, one of the most varied in the online world. Take a look from here to the daily deals and best selling cheap surveillance cameras. You will also find good opportunities for Completeness.

Is it your first approach to the world of surveillance systems and you are a little lost?

We tell you first what to take into account before the purchase: the price, the brand and the essential features so that the camera you choose is the right one and you can find the cheap surveillance cameras.

Price range: Our recommended best cheap surveillance cameras

The majority of surveillance cameras that we will see in our ranking move between 40 and 50 euros. Cameras in this price range meet the needs of an average user. They have night vision, microphone and speaker and even remote control so you can rotate them vertically and horizontally with our recommended cheap surveillance cameras.

The weaknesses of these cameras are, on the other hand, their cheap manufacturing materials and not having an application of the brand’s own configuration. Many times you will have to opt for an alternative application to the one offered, due to errors and problems in the updates.

However, as we say, their benefits are sufficient if your use is domestic and without great demands. They are also an interesting alternative to the baby monitor, high cost, and limited features.

Do you want a reliable, accurate cheap surveillance camera with quality design? Choose a larger model.

Comparison of brands of cheap surveillance cameras: our selection

One of the most renowned brands in our top 8 cheap surveillance cameras.

Netgear is a Californian company that began its business in 1996.

It does not compete on price, if not in quality.

It focuses on making robust surveillance cameras, with 24/7 support and effective cross-platform software.

Their main occupation is network systems, so the local and online connectivity of their cameras is another of their strengths.


YI is the underwater camera for the giant Xiaomi (now also known as MI).

We will not talk too much about the firm because it starts to be as well known as heavy electronics weights like Samsung or Sony.

In surveillance cameras, it focuses, as with the rest of its products, on finding the best balance between quality and price.

The design of YI cameras is also remarkable: it is one of its main attractions, along with quite successful mobile applications.

Of course, Xiaomi has not yet entered the European market. If you choose a YI surveillance camera, you should make sure you choose a trusted distributor who offers the European version.

This way, you will avoid problems with the language and difficulties in accessing the mobile application or configuring it.

Also, remember that YI cameras can now be managed through the PC through the application for Windows YI Home.


Founded in 2007, this Chinese firm is popular in stores like Amazon and this is for several reasons.

In design, their cameras are above the direct competition (Asian brands with very low prices). They are also made of superior materials.

This is reflected in the price, above the average marked by these other economic options.

Other Asian firms

If the manufacturing quality and design of these firms are inferior to those of the most reputable brands such as YI or Foscam, why choose them?

The answer is in the price.

They are the best option if you are looking for an affordable and complete surveillance camera, as long as you accept the limitations associated with such a low price.

The oldest of these brands is D-Link, founded in Taipei in 1986. Although in the field of surveillance cameras is not as well known, its seniority says a lot about the good value of its models.

Before buying a surveillance camera: previous advice


The first thing that is obvious is always the outward appearance.

Most cheap surveillance cameras are available in white or black and you have many models to choose from that best suits your salon, room or hall.

Looking for a discreet design? One of the main functions of any surveillance camera is to maintain security. If you are worried that the camera goes unnoticed, try to choose a color that camouflages with the one of the wall or furniture of the room.

Some cameras are especially small and minimalist. For example, the Xiaomi YI IP or the D-Link DCS-932L.

Others allow you to modify the exterior appearance with covers with different colors and motifs, such as the Netgear Arlo. Yes, with an extra cost (bought separately).



mejores cámaras de vigilancia baratas

The brightness and resolution of the camera lens will determine the quality of your recordings.

For domestic use and if you are not too demanding, with a resolution VGA or HD (720p) is sufficient.
best cheap surveillance cameras

However, if your safety or that of yours is at stake or you need the surveillance camera for a business or professional location, you should note that higher.

Look for a lens with a high focal aperture (f /): the smaller the number in millimeters, the more light you can pass through it and the brighter the image. The lenses of the YI (Home, Dome) cameras have a focal aperture of 2 millimeters, making them the brightest on our list.

As for resolution, you’ll want to choose a high if you record large areas. With Full HD (1080p) resolution, you can enlarge the image with less loss of sharpness and thus correctly view all details of the recording.


Movement, sound or both?

If you are going to control people or animals, there is no more than the surveillance camera you choose has the necessary sensors.

In fact, many cameras allow you to send alarms to the mobile phone or emails to an account when detecting sound and/or movement.

The YI Dome, for example, even identifies specific sounds and has a specific function to detect the crying of a baby. He is also sensitive to movement and can follow it. This feature is ideal for monitoring the actions of your pets or caring for children and elderly while you are not present, without the need for you to be aware of turning the camera.

Which brings us to the next point: the turning capacity and the angle of vision of the camera.

Vision angle

Are you going to place the camera at a fixed point and just want to record a specific area?

You will not need a surveillance camera with a rotating lens. You can choose one that can be adjusted manually.

However, if you want to control the movement of people or animals, as we said before, get a camera that rotates vertically and horizontally. Better if you can activate the remote rotation through the mobile application and even that can automatically follow the movement.

The YI Dome, once again, is one of the cameras that have the greatest oscillation capacity: it reaches practically 360 degrees, that is, a complete turn.

To record wide spaces and not find blind spots that weaken security, it is also desirable that the lens is panoramic, with a wide viewing angle. You will not depend so much on the rotation of the camera and you can check the situation at a glance.

Finally, place the camera in a clear area away from bulky objects that may interfere with the vision (such as furniture, beams, etc.). The best situation, usually, is in a corner of the roof facing the access (door, window, fence …)


Another important point: to be able to communicate with who is on the other side of the camera or just listen to what happens.

Practically every camera in the market has an integrated microphone and speaker. They usually work as a walkie-talkie and will not allow you to listen and talk at the same time.

Watch out, because there are exceptions. There are prestigious surveillance cameras like Netgear’s Arlo that have neither speaker nor microphone. Value whether you need to detect sound or talk to animals, children or elderly while controlling what happens.

The essential connection in any surveillance camera is the wireless network or wifi. To connect to it with your router, laptop or smartphone and proceed with its installation and configuration through the corresponding application.

You can also do this, as a rule, through the Ethernet connection (which is recommended for initial configuration, if your internet connection is not too fast or if there may be interference).

On the other hand, some cameras connect wirelessly to a control base and do not need cables to operate. This benefit represents an important cost. Most surveillance cameras (especially the most economical ones) are wired and do have to be plugged into the mains.

Finally, in addition to services in the cloud, almost all surveillance cameras can save the recordings on an SD memory card, to access them without the need for an internet connection.

Have you signed up for everything you need in your next surveillance camera?

Find out now which are the most interesting cheap surveillance cameras of the moment.

The 8 best cheap surveillance cameras on the market

As we said at the beginning, more than 40 models of cheap surveillance cameras from the most popular and popular brands on the market have been valued.

Take note of their particularities and technical characteristics to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Let’s start!

IP LESHP wifi surveillance camera: the most economical



Once the camera is installed and configured (preferably via the included Ethernet cable), you only have to download a smartphone application and synchronize it with the camera using Wi-Fi.

One of the most renowned brands in our top cheap surveillance cameras and It is one of the complete cameras in our ranking: It has motion detection (quite sensitive), night vision and the possibility to rotate it horizontally and vertically from the mobile.

Another interesting detail is that you can give directions or hold conversations from a distance with the people in front of the camera, thanks to the integrated speaker and microphone.

Obviously, it does not have the advanced lens or the best quality or image resolution. But it is a great option because of its price, the most economical of our top


Dimensions: 12.7 x 10.2 x 13.7 cm
Weight: 455 g
Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
A lens with aperture f / 2.4 and focal length of 3.6 mm
It can rotate 80 degrees vertically and 355 horizontally and has a viewing angle of 75 degrees.
It has motion and sound sensor and night vision up to 10 meters.
Connections: 820.11bgn wifi, WEP encryption, WPA and WPA2
With a built-in microphone and speaker


Very affordable price
Versatile, with many possibilities
With a quick and easy start-up


Sometimes the configuration is lost, having to synchronize the camera with the application again.
The motion sensor is very sensitive, this can be positive or negative: it gets activated by sudden changes in illumination.
Not compatible with Mac.

It’s for you if

You want a practical and cheap camera, without complicating with too many configurations.
Do not look for the best image quality, simply that objects and people are sufficiently visible.
You will need several cameras and you do not want the whole price of the installation to be triggered.
You will use it for a domestic use, without great exigencies.

NexGadget wifi surveillance camera: cheap and with motion sensor

Install Easy and Versatile Design: Sonic transmission technology with the configuration feature of a WiFi key makes the connection faster and easier.
Imposing Visual Experience: Adjustable Pan / Tilt with 270 ° horizontal angle; 80 ° vertical angle gives you a complete view of any room.
Live Streaming and Motion Detection: Continuously monitor day and night with 12 powerful IR-LEDs for night vision up to 32 ft.

The other camera more affordable, next to the LESHP.

In performance and price, they are practically identical.

The NexGadget surveillance camera stands out for the quality and clarity of the image, even in the dark.

On the other hand, it is slightly more bulky and heavy than the LESHP camera and the mobile application needs updating. It’s also a most renowned brand in our top 8 cheap surveillance cameras.

Dimensions: 16.8 x 13.8 x 20 cm
Weight: 699 g
The lens with 720p resolution (HD)
Movement of 355 degrees in horizontal and 120 in vertical
With integrated microphone and speaker
Connections: wifi, SD memory card slot, Ethernet
Allows night vision (up to 10 meters) and detects movement.


Excellent night vision
Good image quality in relation to its price


The smartphone application recommended by the manufacturer is not the best, needs polishing. We recommend using an alternate app.
Configuring it can be complicated by the lack of detailed Spanish instructions and the shortcomings of the application.

It’s for you if

Your needs are simple: watch your children, pets or the elderly and take basic control.
You are looking to spend the least amount of time buying the camera.
You have a minimal knowledge and do not mind spending some time to configure and synchronize the camera. Especially, if you are going to buy several cameras (you will need an alternative application).

D-Link DCS-932L, small and affordable wifi IP surveillance camera for home

Wireless N technology allows a WiFi connection speed of up to 300 Mbps
Night vision: monitor your home or business day and night, thanks to the built-in infrared sensor up to 5 m
Motion and sound detection: receives push notifications and captures (in JPEG format) in your email thanks to built-in motion and sound sensors
Video and audio: transmit images (640 x 480 px in MJPEG format) of great quality and sound thanks to the integrated microphone. One of the most renowned brands in our cheap surveillance cameras.

The D-Link DCS-932L, despite being the most basic surveillance camera of the brand, offers you many possibilities: take photos and / or send a warning to your mobile when detecting movement or during a time zone, image to the cloud or server or store it on a memory card to view it without an internet connection, talk through the camera at a distance or receive sound, etc.

It has the same weaknesses as surveillance cameras in this price range (such as interferences depending on the internet connection and connected devices or the limitations of the mobile application).

Another detail to keep in mind is its sensitivity to sound: it detects it easily but generates a continuous background noise.

However, it solves one of the usual shortcomings in this type of camera: It has a stable application for iOS and Android own brand (mydlink).

Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.6 x 12.6 cm
Weight: 77 g
VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels)
A lens with a focal length of 3.15 mm
45.3-degree viewing angle
Connections: 802.11bgn wifi, Ethernet
With integrated microphone
It detects motion and sound and has night vision.


Light and small
With the manufacturer’s own app
Good image quality, even at night


Poor compatibility with Mac systems
It can only be turned manually and vertically.
Low resolution

It’s for you if

You have tried baby monitor and you are not convinced its price and benefits: you are limited and prefer a surveillance camera as an alternative to these.
You are looking for a cheap camera of reduced size and weight for your home or location.
You are going to use it at a fixed location and you do not need an excessively large viewing angle.
You want an affordable surveillance camera, but with more guarantees and support than the usual low-cost cameras. With detailed instructions, customer service, good finishes, correctly packed …

Foscam C1, IP surveillance camera with wifi and PIR motion sensor


Night vision up to 8 m, angle 115º, MICRO SD card slot. Two-way audio
WiFi 802.11b / g / nor cable connection. P2P function with QR
People Motion Detection with Intelligent PIR Sensor and image sending by email
Resolution H264 720p (1.0 MP), compatible IVF
Compatible Android, iPhone, IE, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome

Like the D-Link model, the Foscam surveillance camera records during configurable times, by detecting sound or motion and saves images and videos on an SD card or FTP server, among others.

It only rotates manually, but its angle of view is wide: the image format is 16: 9 and gives you a great overview of what happens around.

Dimensions: 17.8 x 7.6 x 10.2 cm
Weight: 350 g
Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels (HD)
The lens with a focal length of 2.8 mm
Vertical movement up to 180 degrees and 115 horizontally
Detects movement and sound.
Built-in microphone and speaker
Connections: 802.11bgn wifi (WEP encryption, WPA, WPA2), Ethernet, USB, SD card slot (up to 32GB)
Night vision up to 8 meters


Lens: clear image even at night
Wide view thanks to its wide angle


Infrared LEDs are fully visible in the dark.
The setup becomes tedious, especially through the mobile application.

It’s for you if

You look for a camera that looks good, very discreet and that fits well with dark colors.
It interests you that the brand has its own application for smartphones and has an acceptable performance.
You will control specific areas of your house or business and you will not move too much of the chosen place.
You want a surveillance camera with motion detection superior to that of the basic cameras.

YI IP, Xiaomi economic surveillance camera European version





HD resolution 1280 x 720, wide angle of 111º with digital zoom x4 giving an impressive quality of detail.
Baby Monitor / Bilateral voice chat, real-time broadcast, notify alerts on phone and display activity when motion is detected
Wi-Fi: Built-in support for Wi-Fi band 802.11b / g / n 2.4Ghz (5Ghz is currently not supported).
Supports YI Cloud Service to avoid the risk of losing images. Support 8GB – 32GB SD micro SD cards with a FAT32 format. (Card not included)

Xiaomi or MI is a brand more than known by all, and in this chamber, you can see why.

As with other products of the Chinese firm, the YI surveillance camera draws attention to its aesthetic, with a fine and elegant design.

In performance, it is similar to the surveillance cameras we have seen so far.

Its main difference is that you can configure it in a simple way through the mobile (with iOS or Android operating system) and manage it entirely from the application. However, if you prefer to continue doing it through the PC, it is possible with the program for Windows.

The best surveillance camera for its value for money.

Dimensions: 11.5 x 8 x 3 cm
Weight: 280 g
Resolution 720p (HD)
Wide angle lens with a focal aperture of f / 2 mm
Built-in microphone and speaker
Motion Detection and Night Vision
Manually rotate vertically up to 115 degrees.
Connections: 802.11bgn wifi, Ethernet, SD card slot up to 32 GB


Easy setup
Careful design
Light and small
As the European model, there is an option to have the application and the corresponding notices in Spanish.


To mention some: you can not rotate automatically, you can only move it manually and vertically.

It’s for you if

You want to control what happens in your business or home mainly from the mobile, in a simple way.
You look for good finishes and an attractive design. You can choose it in white or black and it is really discreet.
You are not interested in very advanced services, the main thing for you is the value for money.

 NexGadget IP, rotating surveillance camera with recording in an H.264 format



A high definition 1080p, a wide-angle lens of 112 ° advanced glass combined with a reach of 345 ° horizontal and 115 ° vertical creates a complete coverage of 360 degrees. Advanced night vision with 8 LED built-in infrared 940nm balls extends the viewing distance up to 3 meters in total darkness without light pollution, so your baby or your pet will not be disturbed by the LED glow.

A step there with respect to the model that we have analyzed of NexGadget.

Like this other camera, it is large and heavy compared to other cheap surveillance cameras.

However, it has its strengths: you can rotate it 360 degrees remotely and its image quality is exceptional.

In addition, you will be comfortable storing the recordings on a memory card or server: despite the high resolution, will hardly occupy space thanks to its H.264 encoding (a format of high compression that maintains the quality of the image).



Dimensions: 21.4 x 15.8 x 14 cm
Weight: 640 g
720p Resolution
Vertical movement angle up to 120 degrees and horizontal 355
Night vision up to 9 meters
Built-in microphone and speaker
Connections: wifi, Ethernet, SD memory card slot


Uses the H.264 codec.
Full turn, remote manageable
Image quality


Larger than average weight and size
Application for complex and failing mobile

It’s for you if

It is essential that the camera can be turned remotely. To guard against the elderly, pets, children, employees, etc .; following their movements when you are not present.
You are going to make continuous recordings and you need to save disk space or memory.
You want it to control your home or business while you travel: it allows you to make full-day recordings with ease.


 YI Dome, wifi IP surveillance camera with wide angle lens and 1080p resolution

The Netgear Arlo is the largest camera on our list.

Its price is high, when compared with the surveillance cameras we have seen so far.

But there is a provision that justifies the cost: resistance to water. You can place it inside or outside the house, without worrying about the humidity or rain.

In addition, it is totally wireless, allowing you to place it in the most convenient place. You only have to connect the control base with cables, which has a range of up to 90 meters.

On the other hand, the Netgear application is compatible with many devices (iOS, Android, PC, Mac and even Apple TV) and with it is configured to the smallest detail of the recordings. You can even program them according to your location or synchronize them with IFTTT services (home automation, mobile applications …)

Dimensions: 21.6 x 5.7 x 16.5 cm
Weight: 113 g
720p Resolution
The lens with a 130-degree viewing angle
Night vision
Connections: wifi 802.11bgn
The basic package includes a wireless camera and control base.


Design and quality finishes
Wireless Installation
Netgear software, effective and accurate


Short battery life when recording for long periods. We recommend in those cases that you do with rechargeable batteries.
No microphone or speaker
Cost higher than other brands’ brands

It’s for you if

You need surveillance in the exterior: at the entrance of your house or premises, on a farm, terrace, etc. and at certain times.
You have physical impediments when placing traditionally wired cameras and you are looking for a wireless solution. The system by means of magnet and adapters of the Arlo gives you more freedom.
It is important to you that the camera and the application for mobiles or computers are perfectly integrated and do not fail. You have a high responsibility and you need the protection to be total. For your business, to store valuables, to control people in your care, etc.

Other options to evaluate:

It is one of the best cheap surveillance cameras on the market, a wireless security system that offers night vision.

It offers high image quality and centralized surveillance. It supports both iOS and Android devices.

It has motion detection and is capable of supporting up to 15 preset positions.

More information and complete product file here:


















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