Best target baby carrier Reviews in 2018

In front of the traditional baby carriages and their unfolding, sometimes uncomfortable and bulky, baby carriers are presented as a comfortable and safe alternative that also allows an attachment closer to our little one. The fact of taking our child ported supposes to be able to attend better its needs and to have a closer relation. For this attachment to be safe, we must bet on quality products like the best target baby carrier of the moment, the BabyBjorn One model. This product has four modes of use, to the chest and the back, that evolve with the size of the baby, to offer comfort for both. Its ergonomic design ensures adult comfort and baby safety. Also very valued is the Backpack Manduca, with which you can take your little one until he reaches 20 kilos of weight. It has three set points and a quilted design that reduces stresses on the back during use.

What is the best target baby carrier on the market?

More and more mothers and fathers decide to purchase a baby carrier so that they do not have to carry the stroller, sometimes quite big, everywhere, also the baby carrier can allow you to tighten the physical bond with your baby, being able to carry it near your body.

Types of baby carriers:

There are many types and designs of baby carriers, this makes it more difficult to choose the right one. Below, we offer you a guide to buying the best target baby carrier.

target baby carrier


The first thing you need to know to make a good comparison of baby carriers is that there are several types. The common ones are the type backpack, that can be carried in the chest or on the back for older children. The shoulder straps or shoulder straps also allow the baby to be carried, either at the level of the chest, hip or on the back. The baby carrier Mei Tai has also become very popular, which could be considered a combination of the backpack with a backpack.

It depends on your lifestyle, how often you use it and for how long. For example, backpack carriers, made of fabric with soft texture, opening for the legs and straps to fit the back of the wearer are very popular. As an advantage of this type of target baby carrier, we can mention that the baby remains erect against the chest of his father or mother and his head rests on the same carrier. It is ideal if you are looking for a baby carrier that distributes the weight of the baby on both shoulders, also allowing the baby to move his legs freely. Of course, look for a backpack that allows you to regulate so that you and the baby are comfortable.

Although some models allow the target baby carrier to be placed forward and not towards the carrier when it grows. Certain ergonomics specialists consider this position not as advisable for the baby’s back.

Now, the baby carriers distribute the weight of the child on a man and on the back of the carrier. <span”>They are very advantageous if you are breastfeeding, as they allow you to breastfeed in a very discreet way. In addition, they can be placed in different positions as the baby grows. When they are small, babies, when placed in this type of baby carrier, tend to assume a fetal position. If you want to stretch your legs, backpacks are more advisable.

Very useful for the first time are elastic scarves, since you can remove and place the baby, without having to undo the baby carrier.

Then we have the baby carriers type shoulder strap, which allow placing the baby at the height of the hip. These allow carrying children of greater weight and greater autonomy.

Finally, we have the backpack baby carrier. These are often used with heavier children and are ideal when taking long walks with the baby. They are for children over six months of age who can be kept seated without help.


Baby weight and materials

Not all target baby carriers serve babies of any age. For newborn babies, front packs or baby carriers are recommended. Check the minimum and maximum weight to use the baby carrier safely, as well as the suggested minimum age.

On the other hand, the baby will be in contact with the textile of the baby carrier, so the more natural it is, the better it will be for the baby’s skin. It is also important to know if the fabric is easily washable.


If you want to buy a cheap baby carrier, there are many options in the market but do not lose sight of the use you are going to give. For example, if you are going to have to wear it and remove it many times a day, a scarf may be more complicated than a backpack, although you could also choose an elastic scarf.

Likewise, if you are going to use it while hiking or walking to maintain your physical shape, a backpack when the baby is already over six months would be the most appropriate.

Baby carrier safety

Check the baby carrier’s fastening mechanisms, whether it is safe, comfortable, whether it distributes the baby’s weight or will end up causing back problems for the baby or the parent.

target baby carrier portable Guiana



When we talk about ergonomics in a baby carrier, we mean that the baby can be correctly positioned, his back properly aligned, sitting and not hanging, and of course also has to be ergonomic for porters, in the sense of evenly dividing the weight of the baby. child between the back and the shoulders. This is especially important if the baby carrier is used for a long time and the child already has a significant weight.

When you choose, do not just assess how much a baby carrier costs, think more about the ergonomics and ease of use of it.

which is the best target baby carrier in 2018?

Choosing the best target baby carrier for 2018 means choosing comfort and safety to transport your baby. Below, we offer some suggestions from which you can choose the baby carrier with the best value for money according to your tastes and needs.

Productos Recomendados

Baby Bjorn One

1.1 BabyBjorn One


The main advantage of BabyBjorn One:

This baby carrier gives you the possibility to adapt to 4 different positions so that as the baby grows, you can change it so that you and he are comfortable and safe.

Main disadvantage:

Because the baby carrier gives great support to the baby to keep it in place and safe, its use in hot areas may not be the most recommended because the body heat that brings the child along with the climate zone could make this side too much.

It is safe, reliable, designed with quality materials and with a great variety of use, these being the reasons why your purchase is a successful point.




The best thing about this baby carrier is the great variety of positions it gives the user so that in case the baby gets tired of being in the same position can be changed and ready, or even so that as the child grows, this can see the world and enjoy the ride, or rest if you wish.

The BabyBjörn One gives you 4 options to choose from depending, of course, on your baby’s age and development. Among these 4 options, you will find that you can position it both in front of you and behind your back. When standing in front of you can place it facing you, or looking ahead, which thanks to the foldable capacity of the back of the baby carrier, you can place the baby looking forward leaving his head uncovered so you can see what you want and enjoy landscape together with you

On the other hand, you can position it on your back when it is large enough so you do not have to take care of your breathing or your little head. Not to mention a lower position that has the baby carrier, designed so that the moment your baby grows, a more secure and comfortable fit is possible.



According to the manufacturer, you can use this baby carrier until your little one is 3 years old. This is because it has a seat of 32 centimeters designed so that the baby can adapt as it grows, although the separation of the legs can be personalized in two different sizes so that the baby is comfortable and his legs do not look very forced.

Likewise, it is necessary to mention that the baby carrier has a capacity of up to 15 kilograms, having to take this into account since when exceeding that weight, the equipment could stop being ergonomic for you and your baby.

It is important to corroborate the capacity of the baby carriers before their acquisition since, although according to the specifications of manufacture, it supports up to 15 kilograms, there are others that reach only 10.


The baby carrier has different attachments for your baby to stay in place while going for a ride or even while you are at home doing the chores.

It has two straps at the top which are designed with padded materials because they support most of the baby’s weight, not affecting the user. Also, it has a belt that secures the top of the baby carrier to the waist of the wearer and two harnesses in the middle that are to keep the baby in place, preventing it from falling to the sides.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that, under the parameters indicated by the manufacturer, the position facing forward can only be used after 5 months of the small, as a security measure with his head, detail that we recommend to respect to be able to guarantee good performance.

Manduca Backpack

2.Manduca Mochila


Deciding to buy a backpack for your baby may obey a situation of greater comfort for you, in some circumstances, a baby carriage is not the most comfortable, and the backpack is very easy to carry. In addition, there is the emotional aspect, a Manduca backpack allows you to take your child close to you, tightening that relationship that should last a lifetime. It can from birth up to 20 kg. approximately.

Not only is it comfortable for the baby but also must respect the body’s natural shape. Also for the wearer should know that the shoulder straps are adjusted in three different ways, and its tapered belt is suitable to fit the hip and waist.

The backpack’s belt will keep the baby completely safe, has three set points and can not accidentally open.

Finally, if you are curious to know a little more about this wonderful model of Manduca, then read the following specifications of this product, so that you can verify if it is the model you are looking for or you need.


Adjustable: This model gives the parent the option to accommodate your baby in three postures: front, back or side with support in the hip, being able to vary the positions and that, in this way, you can rest and your baby does not get bored of being in the same position all the time.

Ergonomics: Of course, most of these products are designed and ergonomically designed to assist the baby’s growth process, while taking care of your back and your hip. With the Manduca Backpack and its adjustable straps to both the hip and the chest, lumbar pains will be a thing of the pastor, at least, greatly diminish.

Materials: As for the materials with which this model has been made, it must be said that it has 55% hemp, which is a plant from which high-quality textile fibers are derived, while the other 45% is organic cotton for greater comfort and safety for you and the child.

Durable: This model is designed for children from 0 to 4 years, starting from a weight of 3.5 kilograms up to 20 kilograms, so it has quality materials and an adjustable body to last the largest amount of year possible, so it is definitely the best target baby carrier for 75 euros or a little more you can get on the networks.

Boba Wrap

Boba Classic WrapBetween the best cheap target baby carriers we find this scarf that efficiently fulfills this function. Made in 95% cotton and 5% spandex. You can use it from birth to about the first year of age.

It is recommended for newborns and even more for premature babies as it is such a natural way to carry the baby, own nature that is even used for the kangaroo method that stimulates premature babies.

They are 5.5 meters of tissue so any mother or father can use it in a simple way, distributing the weight evenly between the shoulders, the hip, and the whole back. Complies with European and American baby carrier regulations. Fully washable. Its elasticity allows it to adapt perfectly to the baby, making it a natural option to carry your baby in a simple and comfortable way for both the baby and you.

So, if you constantly ask what baby carrier to buy because your baby is about to be born or because you need extra hands when you walk with your child on the street, then you should see the characteristics of the Boba Wrap Classic, and corroborate if it is the model you are looking for.



Ergonomic: Since it is designed in the comfort of both the mother/father and the child, this scarf gives you the possibility of carrying your baby in three different ways, these being: front, back and tight to the hip. You choose how! Because you really are the owner of the target baby carrier.

Materials: It is made mostly (95%) cotton, which is why it is really soft to the touch and, of course, means great comfort for the baby. The other 5% is of spandex, material thanks to which you can stretch the scarf and carry out any kind of knot to carry your child.

Adjustable: The best thing of all is that being designed in full cloth, you can take it where you want, however you want since it is light. In addition, it is fully adjustable to your needs and those of your baby, since you can carry it even from birth, up to a maximum age of 2 years.

By Kay 25020M

By Kay 25020 This scarf is another option as the best target baby carrier for those who choose to carry their baby while maintaining direct contact with the baby. This baby carrier is 100% cotton so your baby will feel caressed by the texture of it. You can take it from birth to about 10 kilos in its essential model.

Supporters of this type of target baby carrier indicate that babies have fewer cramps, sleep better, feel protected and parents can perform other tasks without neglecting their baby.

Colorful designs, very simple to use, comfortable for both the child who is literally hugged with his mother or mother and for whom he takes the child because not only allows enjoying a closer form of that contract but also because it distributes the weight between both shoulders, waist, and hip.

 Available in three sizes, S (4,10m), M (4,60m), L (5,50m), comes with instructions but also the company has at the disposal of its client’s videos where it is clearly taught that to place the scarf so that your baby travel insurance is really simple.

So, if you want to know a little more about what are the characteristics of this model of ByKay, then we invite you to read the following points.


Elastic: Being made of cloth only, it is stretched with the weight of the baby, so it is not recommended to use after the child weighs more than 10 kilograms.

Moltó 12742

Moltó 12742 The ergonomic target baby carrier from Molto promotes the autonomy of movement of your child as well as provides security and confidence.

It is said to be ergonomic because the baby will be sitting in a physiologically natural position, distributing the weight which favors the correct development of your baby’s hip. During the first few months, taking the baby looking at you will give you a very important sense of protection.

When you grow and you can put it back, your baby will have maximum freedom of movement. This backpack allows carrying children up to 15 kilos, is easy to place, has elastic safety bands as well as padded and wide belts.

It has two positions to fit the growth of the baby, and a head support really important for the first months in which the infant does not yet have control of the movement of his head.

If you are interested in purchasing the cheapest baby carrier, such as this Molto 12742, then it is best to review their pros and cons before thinking about making the investment, since this way you can verify if it is what you are looking for. Do not just go for the price!

Ergonomic: The best thing about this model is that it has padded belts adjustable both to the hip and the shoulders so that the baby’s weight will be distributed perfectly in your body and you will not suffer much with the load. The most important thing, in the end, is your well-being as well as your child’s and with this model, you will get it.

Adjustable: As mentioned, this baby carrier includes adjustable straps, both for the loader and to secure the baby in place. These belts have anti-roll system, so as not to cause damage to users.

The duality of addresses: With this model, you will be able to accommodate your baby in your chest and, if you prefer, you can do it on your back easily. You do not need anything else and, best of all, it includes a hood to protect your baby and all kinds of zippers to carry everything you need.

Baby Bjorn One

The best carrier This bag has been voted the best carrier in backpack version for five consecutive years.

It is characterized by being a natural way to carry your baby close to your chest allowing the establishment of a valuable effective bond. It is designed in such a way that the heads of small babies who do not yet have control of their head have the support they need.

It is very versatile in that it offers 4 different ways to carry the baby, both carrying the backpack as in the back. The baby is positioned looking inwards so you can perceive the heartbeat that will give you peace of mind. This position is also better for you because you can better monitor your breathing.

There is another position for children over four months in which you can adjust the size of the leg opening in two different widths when you wear it looking forward. When your child is already holding his head well, you can fold the support and alternate both orientations.

It is safe, ergonomic, useful, compact, no doubt a good choice!

So, if you are interested in what the best target baby carrier of the moment has to offer, then review the pros and cons of this baby product and decide if it is the best for you and your baby.


The duality of Directions: One of the best things about this model is that you can carry your baby both forward and back. This baby carrier is sold with the possibility of carrying your baby in 4 different positions, that is, looking forward and backward, both in the front and in your back. You decide how to take it!

Adjustable: Another favor for this model is its adjustable straps, which make this baby carrier one of the safest on the market. It has two straps, one adjustable in the chest and another that surrounds the waist for greater security.

Ergonomics: This product was designed in both the comfort of the mother and the baby, which is why the adjustable straps allow you to carry the child’s weight on the shoulders, facilitating the transport of the baby and relieving certain back pain.

Materials: Mostly made of cotton, and padded areas so that it is comfortable for you and your baby, making it easier to take care of your baby day after day without undesired lumbar pain.

Durable: The best thing about this model is that it is designed with a 3-year vision for the future, since it is made for use by children between the first month and 3 years, which is why its materials are the best and therefore, BabyBjorn, could easily be considered as the best brand of target baby carrier on the market.


Price: The only factor in this wonderful design is the price. However, users consider it one of the best investments of their lives. It depends on you!

How to use a baby carrier:

You can transport your baby in a stroller or in a car seat, but many parents enjoy the simplicity and sense of closeness provided by a target baby carrier. Baby carriers keep your child close to your body while allowing you to move easily and take care of daily tasks.

Front Baby Carrier

A front carrier consists of two shoulder straps holding a fabric seat. The baby carrier – and therefore your baby – is located very close to your chest. In the beginning, you should place your newborn inward, that is, facing you.

Once your baby has good control of the head and can sit (usually around 5 to 6 months) you can place it in the baby carrier out to watch the world. Some front carriers can also be worn on the back, which will be more comfortable when your child is heavier.

A disadvantage of the front carriers is that some do not lend themselves easily to breastfeed. In addition, a front carrier may feel too large and bulky for your newborn.


Baby carrier sling

This baby carrier is a wide strip of fabric that sits across your torso and over one shoulder. They come padded, without pads, and with or without rings for fit. If you are breastfeeding, a sling baby carrier is nice because the loose fit and generous fabric allow you to breastfeed your baby discreetly.

However, this whole amount of cloth can mean that sling carriers can be cumbersome, particularly for small women. In addition, support that falls on one shoulder can become uncomfortable quickly, especially once your child weight more than 5 to 7 kilograms.


Baby carrier

A wraparound baby carrier consists of a wide piece of tissue that wraps around the body and over both shoulders. This type of target baby carriers are popular because they are quite versatile – you can use it in all kinds of configurations and adjust it easily by pulling the fabric.




Like the sling carrier, the wraparound target baby carrier makes it easy to breastfeed your baby while wearing it. The disadvantage is that placing this type of baby carrier may take some time and is confusing to put on and take off. In addition, they are not so comfortable to carry larger children because they do not have the padding and support that the front carriers offer.

When purchasing a baby carrier, you should look at the following:


You may find that some target baby carriers work better than others, depending on your body and your baby. If you can, try the different types of target baby carriers before buying one in short.


Some parents prefer sling carriers or wraparound for newborns and a front carrier for when the baby has grown a little more. However, we recommend looking for a target baby carrier designed to “grow” with your child from birth.

Comfort for you:

Look for wide, well-padded straps or sturdy fabrics that evenly distribute your baby’s weight to take care of your shoulders, neck and upper back.

If your partner and you are going to share the use of the target baby carrier, make sure it is easily adjustable. Many structured carriers come in regular and extra-large sizes for tall or large parents.

The most popular brands:

Our main goal is to help you choose the best target baby carrier, so we carefully review the characteristics of some models and compare them with the opinions of many users. Now we want to mention the most important brands, among which Chicco, Manduca, and Ergobaby stand out.

Chicco was born in Italy in 1958 and is currently a fundamental part of the company Artsana. It is one of the most recognized brands in the field of childcare, as it manufactures baby bottles, bottle sterilizers, toys, clothing, footwear, and even shampoo and cologne, that is, hygiene and personal care items for children. As a curious fact, the name “Chicco” corresponds to the nickname that had the first son of the founder, Enrico.

Chicco products reach more than 120 countries and millions of people worldwide, being one of the most respected in the international market in the market for children’s products. This company has its own research center in which ideas arise to find solutions for parents for their children from breastfeeding up to three years, for this they have a group of scientific doctors from different branches.

Their main concerns are the quality of rest and relaxation, protection, and play of children in favor of a better psychomotor development. If we take into account the opinions of a large number of users, we can consider Chicco baby carriers as a good investment, as they are comfortable and safe.

This is the most important brand of the German company wickelkinder gmbh, a company that sells target baby carriers and accessories that try to make life more comfortable for parents and children. In 2007 was born the first baby carrier Manduca and is currently one of the most recognized in Europe, being one of the market leaders.

The beginnings of Manduca were towards 1998, and during all these years the design of a baby carrier that comfortably supports the child has been improving during all these years without disturbing the father, for this has been necessary the contribution of many experts in the subject of ergonomics.

The result has been a very versatile product, with different forms of support, which adapts individually to the body of the father and the baby. In addition, the target baby carrier is made of high-quality materials, without using toxic materials. Users comment that these target baby carriers are very durable, products that accompany couples with children for several years.

This company came about because of a mother’s desire to find a target baby carrier that was comfortable for her and her baby. In 2002, Karin Frost, a resident of the American island of Maui, began designing a new target baby carrier that she called Ergobaby and has since revolutionized how to carry the baby from one place to another.

This brand is committed to ergonomics and softness, setting the standard for this type of products and becoming practically standard. These target baby carriers allow to carry out many activities without having to separate from the child at any time, in addition, keep the child in a sitting position that is comfortable and does not cause discomfort. As for the mother or father, the child’s weight is evenly distributed between the hips and shoulders, allowing the child to be carried for a long time.

Currently, the brand not only manufactures more than 30 different target baby carriers but also designs and sells cushions, nursing pillows, cuddles, and other accessories for the first months of life. This North American brand is becoming more and more present in Europe thanks to the intelligent solutions that it offers for the care of the baby.















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