The Best Infant Car Seats of 2018

On the hunt for the best infant car seats? We have the information you need! We researched more than 40 options before purchasing 15 of the top infant car seats for testing in this review. We evaluated the car seats for several months for everything from crash test performance, ease of install, carrying weight and more. We’ve done the legwork to give all of you the points of interest you have to pick the best auto to situate for your child and your financial plan. Keep perusing for more data on which newborn child auto seats performed superior to anything the others in every metric, so you can locate the correct item to securely transport your infant from A to B no sweat.

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 Infant Car Seat with base, Atmosphere


We’ve refreshed this auto situate survey to incorporate new test comes about for them as of late discharged 2017 adaptation of the Uppababy Mesa, which now includes the option of a nice wool fabric that is free of flame retardant chemicals.

High-quality Choice

Peg per ego Primo Viaggio 4-35

the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 earned the high overall score with impressive points for crash test results, installation, and comfort/quality. While it has one of the higher sticker prices in the opposition, it likewise has the execution scores to go down the cost, and we feel certain that guardians will appreciate how simple the seat is to utilize and minimal ones will appreciate how agreeable it is for resting. The Peg earned an 8 of 10 for crash tests and great scores in two establishment measurements making it one of the most secure and least demanding to introduce choices in the survey.No matter what you are looking for in an infant car seat, the Peg Perego is sure to please. Unfortunately, this impressive option is not compatible with many strollers.


Easiest LATCH Installation

Chicco Fit 2

The Chicco Fit 2 is a high-end Chicco seat with a perfect score for LATCH installation making it a good choice for parents that worry about installing a car seat correctly. This sleek looking seat is easy to use and has additional padding and features for comfort making it option parents and baby will both enjoy. We like this product and would recommend it to a friend, be that as it may, it won’t be the best decision for guardians on a strict spending plan or for the individuals who live in the city. On account of a higher than normal bearer weight, we speculate most guardians will abhor hauling this choice for long separations, despite the fact that it is anything but difficult to introduce without the base.

Best All-around Option

Chicco key fit 30

 The ChiccoKeyfit 30 has a third-place rank with a relatively nice price making it an Editors’ Choice winner. This seat earned a high score for simplicity of introducing and a decent score for the crash test comes about. With a simple to utilize LATCH framework and one of a kind highlights that assistance make establishment less demanding this seat is a parent top pick. The Chicco has to some degree threatening texture and is on the overwhelming side, so it may not great be useful for the individuals who intend to convey it, yet it’s more pleasant usability score, and crash test performance can make up for these shortcomings for some parents. We think parents will appreciate the thoughtful design of the Chicco’s LATCH system as well as its compatibility with top scoring strollers and a quality frame stroller option.


Best Bang for the Buck

Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air

The Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air is the standout budget-friendly option with an above average rank. With a list price of $160, the Safety 1st impressed with its scores for crash test results and two forms of installation. This seat earned better than average scores in most metrics, and it ranked higher than several more expensive products. We feel most parents will be happy with this product, and parents on a budget can feel confident they are getting a good car seat that scored well in crash test analysis. Perhaps the only drawback to the Safety 1st is it is not compatible with many strollers. However, if you don’t plan to use your car seat with a stroller (and many parents don’t), then you won’t be missing a thing. If your budget allows, there are other options with more stroller compatibility that may be worth the extra money if you want to combine your infant car seat with a stroller.


Top Pick for Urban Life and Travel

UPPAbaby Mesa

Newly updated in 2018, the UPPAbaby Mesa is one of our favorite seats. This stylish seat received impressive scores for all types of installations including a high for LATCH connection. These scores helped it win a Top Pick award for urbanites and travelers looking to securely install a car seat without carrying the weight of the base. The Mesa has simple to utilize, remarkable, self-withdrawing LATCH lashes with shading coded guides that influence establishment as secure as it to can get. With new, updated, normally fire-resistant fleece texture this new model is a stage up from the past Mesa that had rougher material. With a list price of around $300, the Mesa may not be the top choice for all families, but the price is still close to average and parents interested in fewer chemicals coming in contact with their baby should seriously consider this innovative option. The Mesa works well with several top-scoring full-size strollers, including the UPPAbaby Cruz and UPPAbaby Vista making it easy to create a cool award-winning travel combination you can use from newborn thru the toddler years. Not a fan of the UPPAbaby Strollers, never fear several other brands offer adapters for the Mesa.


Top Pick for Taxi Ease-of-Use



The Doona is an innovative car seat that doubles as a stroller. This ability makes the Doona a champion alternative for guardians in the city that every now and again utilize taxicabs and Uber. With the Doona in play, you can rapidly introduce the bearer in a vehicle and be prepared to walk around seconds of achieving your goal. This item is anything but difficult to utilize, simple to introduce without the base and addresses an issue no other auto seat can. While this is not the best choice for every parent and the higher price and heavier weight will be a turn off for some, it can’t be beaten for urban dwellers that may otherwise skip using a car seat in a taxi, or that doesn’t want to lug around a compatible stroller. We see this as a great way to get from your loft to the taxi and back on the sidewalk at your destination with ease.


Top Pick for Safety

Cybex Cloud Q

 The Cybex Cloud Q is a high-quality seat with top crash test results using the included load leg for added potential safety. This high positioning item is anything but difficult to introduce utilizing LATCH and without the base. In any case, utilizing it in the city is presumably not a decent decision because of its higher than normal bearer weight that makes it difficult to carry for long periods. We like the look and feel of this advanced looking choice and feel it has a place for guardians that esteem the crash test comes about finished all else. It may not be a decent decision for guardians on a financial plan or those searching for a simple to utilize baby auto situate that will combine well with a stroller. The Cloud is both more costly than the normal auto seat, and it has a set number of perfect stroller choices.


Analysis and Test Results

 We played out a few next to each other tests over a two month testing period on the greater part of the baby auto situates in this audit contrasting each against the opposition. The rating table above incorporates the general scores for every newborn child auto situate incorporated into this audit.


We worked under the supervision and direction of a National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) confirmed Child Passenger Safety (CPS), Technician, to create extensive tests we could use in conjunction with Crash Test information to decide how the seats perform in everyday utilize, and as far as measured powers of effect in crash tests. While the greater part of the seats adjusts to the base security rules put forward by the Federal government, they are not all simple to utilize or have crash test comes about as amazing as the following alternative available.


Crash Impact Testing

A key part of our testing process is the detailed analysis of the crash test data for each infant car seat we test. BabyGearLab contracted with the same crash test facility used by NHTSA to perform crash tests using the same protocol as NHTSA under the FMVSS 213 standard. We also established a working relationship with NHTSA to utilize their crash test data, to augment our car seat crash results.


Note that the majority of the seats we inspected passed the NHTSA Federal wellbeing necessities, and along these lines, the greater part of the seats in this survey gives a base or a fundamental level of crash security assurance and are, in this manner, thought about safe.


In our analysis, we focused on seats that offer an additional margin of safety, based on our analysis of crash test data relative to competing seats. For example, if a seat was measured as delivering significantly lower impact forces (better) in the head sensors of the crash test dummy, resulting in a lower Head Injury Criteria (HIC) score, our view is that seat offers a higher margin of protection to the baby than competitors with a higher HIC score. Additional details on our crash test scoring methodology are included below.


Ease of Installation and Use Matters

It is no surprise that crash tests are a major part of our review, but few parents realize that improper installation and misuse of infant car seats is a significant cause of injury in car accidents involving babies. In our conversations with safety engineers at NHTSA, they emphasized that misuse is a bigger safety issue than the difference between crash test performances between seats. An NHTSA study showed that 84% of infant seats exhibited critical misuse, either in the installation of the seat or improper restraint of the infant. A more recent study of 267 families by Portland’s top Children’s Hospital conducted between November 2013 and May 2014 showed that “95% made at least 1 error in either positioning of the infant or installation of the car safety seat” — a mistake that could place their infant at increased risk of injury in a crash.


Crash Test Ratings

We analyzed the data from the crash sled tests of each seat to determine how well they performed compared to the competition as well as the Federal safety standard for acceptable performance. To enable you to see more about crash tests, we’ve included diagrams looking at the real crash test brings about every item survey and abridged them beneath.


All in all, what makes a difference most while examining the crash affect test comes about?


  • Risk of head injury
  • Risk of a chest injury


Examination of tyke car accident wounds demonstrates that head and chest wounds show the two most serious dangers for genuine or deadly damage.


Head Injury Criteria (HIC) Score

In each crash test, there are sensors placed in the chest and head of a 12-month-old CRABI test dummy (a crash test dummy designed to simulate a 22 lbs baby who is 12 months old). The Federal safety standard developed by NHTSA uses a scoring factor called the Head Injury Criteria (HIC) score, which is a measure of the likelihood of injury arising from the impact. Each seat must accomplish a HIC score of 1000 or lower to pass. The further underneath the Federal HIC most extreme of 1000, the better.


Additional Crash Test Safety Features

While some seats have additional features that may improve their overall safety in the event of an actual crash, we did not include these features or claims in our analysis given that there is no real world or test data available to analyze to confirm or dispute the claims. So while a few guardians may be interested in a seat that gloats side effect assurance (SIP) or an against bounce back bar, we alert settling on a last decision construct exclusively with respect to SIP claims since data is missing, and there isn’t a settled upon security test strategy in the business all in all. We figure guardians should adhere to the crash test information investigation when looking at the potential security of each seat.
We did, however, compare crash test data from the Cybex Cloud Q using the load leg feature and without the load leg. Results seem to indicate that using the load leg improves crash test performance overall. The Cloud has a HIC score of 376 using the load leg and 641 without using the leg (where the lower score is better), indicating a higher margin of protection when using the leg.


Best Rated Seats on Weight

The weight of the carriers varied in our review between 7.56 pounds for the Evenflo(above left) and 16.8 pounds for the Doona (above right). That is a significant difference that makes the Doona feel like a non-starter for carrying. Luckily, this unique option has stroller components attached (creating the heavier weight), which means you can avoid carrying this seat most of the time by pushing it instead. The average weight for the group is 10.5 pounds. While we don’t believe that weight ought to be your main central factor, we do think it is important and can possibly help separate a tie in the wake of narrowing your alternatives utilizing different measurements like crash tests and simplicity of introducing first.



Things being what they are, what’s the correct auto situate for you and your infant? We don’t think there is one single answer that works for each family. Nonetheless, we trust our testing and examination can enable you to limit the field of items down to a couple of best contenders that address your issues and are inside your financial plan.



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