The 9 best children’s houses of 2018

The fun of your children’s houses is priceless. If you bet to give them a beautiful children’s house, they will thank you very much. This type of houses will allow your children to play and develop their imagination to the fullest, which will come in handy in the future. If you are looking for ideas, here is a list of the best models of the moment.


Children’s house Minnie Mousse

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This spectacular children’s house will delight the smallest of the house. It is a children’s house designed for your daughters to play inside and develop their imagination to the fullest. It has a cut of colors and drawings that cause any girl to die for being able to have her in order to play inside.

The house has been manufactured with high quality plastics, with the aim that your daughter can play inside her throughout her childhood and the house keeps looking like it is new.

In addition to its design, it has 3 entrance doors, so your daughter and her friends can enter through the door that they like the most. The main door is the largest, while the side doors are smaller. This house is ideal to play both individually, with parents and with friends.

It really is a very good option for parents who are looking for a high quality and colorful house for their daughters. As for the assembly, the house is very easy to assemble even if you have little knowledge of assembly. It has some very complete instructions, which will help you to make everything perfect. And since it is resistant to the inclemencies of the weather, you can leave it on the street even on rainy days. Of course, in winter I recommend saving it so that it stays better, especially because your daughter will not use it because of the cold.


Feber children’s house with hinged door

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If you are looking for a unisex house so that your children can play without problems, this model will delight you. As you can see in the image, it has a really nice design, although I can assure you that in reality the house is even more beautiful.

The design of the house is beautiful and elegant in turn. It will be very well integrated into a terrace or a garden, although you can put it in a room without problems, as long as you have the necessary space. Yes, I personally recommend it for outside. I am very impressed by your folding door, which will allow your children to have the feeling of having a home in property. This way they will be able to feel more protected and above all they will be able to play at home inside.

It is an ideal option to ensure that children can be entertained outside the reach of new technologies.

Thanks to the fact that it has been manufactured with high quality and resistant materials, the house will be able to withstand temperature changes without problems and will stand the days of rain, which makes it a perfect model for children to play outdoors and so on. develop your imagination to the maximum.

As in the previous case, the house is not at all complicated to assemble, so assembly will not be a problem for you. You will see the illusion face of your son or children when they see it mounted.


Children’s house Paw Patrol

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The next selected children’s house is really impressive. Surely your children will love being able to play inside, especially if they are lovers of the cartoons the patrol dog. This model is suitable for all types of children, as long as they enter inside. Moreover, it is quite broad, so that many children can play inside without problems. I find his door very striking and especially his windows, which can be opened or closed as the child wants to play inside. You will really enjoy seeing your child how he plays inside.

This type of house is suitable for all types of games, while it is very resistant. It has been manufactured with a high resistance plastic. This plastic will support the movements of your children inside, as the inclemency of time. It really is a very good option for children over 2 years old.

The only but that could put to this model is that the stickers can take off with the passage of time. But for the rest they are a great option to keep in mind. If you are looking for a modern, beautiful house that your children always like, look no further.

Children’s house Bestway

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If you are looking for a nice, simple and cheap children’s house, this model is the one you are looking for. And is that for a small fee you can get your child or children can enjoy the experience of playing inside a house.

The house is really very simple and is perfect for your children to play and develop their imagination inside. Personally, I recommend using it inside the house.

If you care about its dimensions, you should know that it has the following dimensions 102x76x114 cm. As you can see it is not small, so your children can enjoy it to the fullest.

Despite being a very economic model, you can be sure that the materials with which the house has been manufactured are of good quality. And as you can see in the image, the design and decoration are really very beautiful. For example it has a door that can be rolled to allow passage without problems. It also has windows so your children can watch what happens outside and can increase their gaming experience. It really is a perfect little house for children from 2 to 6 years old.

The only one that I would give to this house is that it does not have soil. But as I said, it is a model that is very cheap, so it is normal that it is quite simple.


Children’s house Peppa Pig

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The little house we are going to talk about this time is perfect for kids who love the cartoon series Peppa Pig. These characters are those that will appear illustrated in this house, so they will love it.

The house is really very resistant, so I can assure you a great solidity and great stability.

If we leave out its exterior, we can see how the house is very complete, so that children can play inside as if it were a real house. Among other things you can enjoy a door, windows … and a detail that has caught my attention is that it even has no mailbox.

The house has been manufactured with high quality materials. This is very important when buying a house for children. Not only will he hold his games without problems, but he will hold out the sun, the rain or even the cold outside. And if you do not have an outdoor space to put it in, inside your home you can also put it. A good idea may be to put the house outside during the hottest months and indoors during the winter months.

As for the assembly, it is very simple. But what you can be sure of is that with this model your children will be able to learn to make their own decisions, so many parents are betting on this model. It is a perfect house for children from 2 years of age. If you want to surprise your children, buy it as soon as possible.


Colorbaby children’s house for princesses


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If you have a daughter and you want to feel like a princess, this house model will surely love her.

We are talking about a small house for the interior of the house in pink. It is a simple house but it will allow your daughter to play as if it were a high quality house, like the ones I have shown you before. This model is quite simple, which means that your daughter can play without problems and you have few problems when setting up the house. Moreover, thanks to its simplicity, the price you will have to pay for it will be very low. For this reason many parents is the model they are buying.

The interior of the house is not small either. Your daughter can play alone or with her friends inside without problems. Remember that its measurements are 85x72cm.

The whole house has been manufactured with a resistant fabric that can be easily washed. Of course, you have to wash it only when necessary and in no case you should use bleach, because you would eliminate its illustrations and therefore you would remove the beauty to the house. Moreover, it can not be ironed either. In the front there is a door that can be opened easily, because it is also made of cloth.

If you want to make a good gift to your daughter and do not want to spend a lot of money, this model will love it.


Intex children’s cabin jungle cabin
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If your child dreams of being in the jungle and you want your imagination to be able to travel to her, this model of a safe house will adapt to your needs easily.This spectacular jungle cabin you can easily put in your room and you can live unforgettable children’s experiences. It can also be put on the outside, although it is not very resistant. For this reason I recommend it if you are going to put it inside.This house has an opening in door mode and another in the part of the roof so you can see your child through the window and imagine the things that could be happening outside.The house has been manufactured in polyester. This material is very light and resistant at the same time, as long as it is not outside. Because the material of the house is very light, you can mount it in your child’s play room without problems. What’s more, if you follow the instructions, in less than 10 minutes you can have it set up so your child can start playing as soon as possible.I personally like the design. As you can see in the image I gave you, the house has illustrated jungle animals, which allows the jungle to be much closer than it seems. Thanks to this and its dimensions, your child can sleep inside in adventure mode.It really is a very interesting option for quality price.

Children’s house Feber

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There is nothing that a boy or girl likes more than a traditional house. This model will surely delight your children. It has a very good color combination, which will make your children really feel very comfortable inside.

It is a fairly large house, through which not only your son or daughter can play, but you can play inside with more children. I have calculated and 3 children can be inside without problems.

This house has a main door so that the children of the house can enter it and leave. It also has a front window, which can be opened and closed, to imitate what would be done in a traditional home.

I am very impressed by this house that the door is locked and that it also has a fictitious barbecue. That is to say, we are talking about a house that is very well prepared.

When assembling, you must be clear that the assembly is very simple and also you will not need extra tools to make the assembly. Even if you are not a handyman you can ride it in a few minutes.

It is a perfect model to put in a garden or on a terrace. Their materials are of very good quality, so they will not suffer outside, even if it gives direct sunlight to the house.

Children’s house Smoby
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One of the best-known brands of children’s toys is the Smoby brand. And of course, this brand also offers us a decent home for our children to play. If you want to buy a high quality model at a competitive price, look no further and keep this model in mind.It really is perhaps the most complete house in the list, because it is very broad and several children can play at the same time.As you can see in the image, it is a really nice and wide house. Your child can not only play with his friends inside the house, but he can also play outside, because he has a small garden so he can play. As you can see in the image, the fictional garden includes pots and a picnic table where you can have really fun moments. For example, that table can be used for picnics or even playing outdoors.The house has several windows through which your child can look out, while having doors to enter. One is in the front and one in the back.The house has been manufactured with high quality materials, which have been treated to withstand UV rays without problems. Thanks to this, your child’s house can last much longer and will not lose color due to the sun’s rays.

Tips for buying the best children’s house

Children’s cottages are a great tool for parents to get their children to play outside. These little houses are becoming fashionable and are a great tool that helps parents to move their children away from new technologies and get them to develop their imagination in an appropriate way.

To begin it is very important to be clear about what type of house design you want to buy your child. Not all models are the same, so it is very important to buy the model that best suits your needs and especially those of your child. Personally I recommend buying a model that at least includes a door and a window so you can play better. But if you have more extras much better.

The materials are something you have to fix on. As you have seen in the list that I have shown you previously, not all models have been manufactured with the same materials. The simplest and cheapest houses are made of cloth or other simple materials. While the most complete houses have been manufactured in high strength plastic, which has been treated to endure outdoors without problems. Depending on your budget and the type of house you want to buy your children, you should bet on one model or another.

Continuing with the section on materials, keep in mind that not all models are suitable to be left outside. If you want a little house to put in the garden or on your terrace, do not hesitate and buy a high quality model. The important thing is to ensure that the child can enjoy their particular house safely. It is better to pay a little more money for it and be sure that the purchase is of the highest quality.

At the same time it is very important to note that the house has passed all security measures. To be sure of that, look at your box and see if it has been approved and especially if it has passed all the security rules of the European Union. You can easily see this through the acronym CE, which will come in the box.

It is important that you advise on the assembly of the house. The more complete it is, the more complex it will be to assemble. Usually they always come with instructions to make the assembly simple. For example, all the models that I have recommended in the upper part have these instructions. If you do not buy one of the models that I have recommended, then make sure you include them.

The size of the house is important, both for the space it will occupy, and for the space your son or daughter will have to enjoy it.

Look carefully at the minimum age to use this house. Normally this type of houses are suitable for children from 2 years, but not all models are advisable for this age. Before making the purchase, look at this information.

Once the house is installed and assembled, you should not let your son or daughter in quickly. Before you should make sure that the house has been well assembled and above all there is nothing sharp that can cause your child to be cut.

When you have it installed, every X time look that the house is in perfect condition, especially if you have it on the outside. In this case you should leave it well anchored, to avoid that the air can take it.
What can a child do in a children’s house?

Your children can enjoy many hours of fun inside the house, both individually and collectively with their friends.

It has been shown that this type of house distances children from new technologies and helps them to develop their imagination to the fullest, just as children who have not had the luck to grow up in the digital age did.

Inside this house you can play all kinds of games and create your own stories. They can also eat, drink tea … the limit will be set by the imagination.
Where to buy a cheap children’s house?

As I always say, the important thing is to buy quality and later look at the price. Before making the purchase it is important that you look if the house that you are going to buy your children is the right one for them.

When you have clear which model you want to buy them, this will be the time to look at the price. To buy a cheap children’s home, the best thing you can do is buy it online. By internet you can always buy it at the best price, while you can have the convenience of having the order arrive directly at your home.

And if you do not want to have problems and want to give your children a good surprise, do not hesitate and buy one of the models that I have recommended at the top.














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