The 8 best baby car seats 2018

Traveling by car with your little ones is a pleasure, but when you do, you should know that you have to comply with certain safety rules that will protect your children, plus they will be much more comfortable during the whole journey, even if you can fall asleep with total peace of mind For this, what you need are the best baby car seats, and we have listed them in this section so you can have access to the one that best suits you, for your child’s age, as well as for their tastes . I hope you can use these analyzes and comparisons that we have done expressly for you.

Car seat Piku

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To begin with, we have chosen a standard model, but from a well-known brand in the manufacture of baby car seats, such as Piku. Although it may not be a house that is known other children’s products, we must say that the effectiveness in protection and comfort that these adaptable chairs provide, is a luxury, since they tend to be very cheap models, but without scratching your pocket they give you everything you need.

The design of this chair I like a lot especially because it is colorful, perhaps the most classic users, who prefer a design more consistent with the rest of the vehicle’s upholstery may seem somewhat extravagant, but not too much, as it will have a tonality black, for the rear, which is the one that comes in contact with the seat, while the place where the child is going to find is blue, very close to the blue. This special seat will be suitable for children who have reached the age of 3 up to 12 years, being able to adapt for all ages without any problem, making both the smallest and large, feel comfortable. This will be noticed when you touch the padded area of ​​the waist, but also the head of the seat. On the other hand, your child will be able to rest their arms in a very wide structure, which is also effective in the event of an accident with a side impact, protecting their entire body. It also has a grip system so that the child does not move or can not be released without the greatest desire, so it will give you more security, since you can not move from the site until you do not get off the chair. In case you want to keep this chair in the trunk of the car you can do it, since it will occupy very little space, being perfect for when you want to use the car with your friends or other relatives and your baby stays at home with your parents or family. Another advantage that you will find is that the cover is totally washable, being able to be easily removed to eliminate any stain, either by hand or by machine.


Car seat Mycarsit

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We continue with another product with great benefits and I have also chosen it in this list, both for its characteristics and for its design. Today the development of this type of seating is not very common, as for many manufacturers comply with all safety regulations is a nuisance, but those who decide, know very well how to make a product, something that deserves Worth having and that can rival the big brands in the market. This happens to Mycarsit, a chair for babies that because of its color is more suitable for girls, but that has all the advantages you could ask these models.

Something that this brand has to be very proud of is to create a resistant design, with a lot of color and that has a lot of style, something that is extremely appreciated. On this occasion you will find three base colors, the black being the one that, as in the previous model, remained in the back and that was less showy, but gray and pink gained prominence. In the case of pink, it will only be found on the back of the seat and part of the headrest, while what borders on this color will be gray. Several details to highlight this chair. On the one hand, we find that on the part of the shoulders, and very visible we find the instructions to use, something that, although at first sight it may collide and even make the design a little shabby, is absolutely essential, since many people, Once they buy the chair and throw the box in which they come, they forget to put it in, something that in the end, will become a life or death circumstance for the child, since if it is badly anchored, it can be be a risk both in case of accident, and in the event of a sudden braking.

Finally, tell you two other details, on the one hand it is a chair that must be used by children who do not fall below 9 kilos, and do not exceed 36 kilos, having had three stars in all tests that has done to check your safety.


Baby Comfort Milofix car seat

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From two chairs that will serve for a large part of your child’s stage, to one that is designed especially for the youngest of the house, protecting them at all times while they are making the trip with their parents and that has a series of very interesting features and that make it worthy to be found in this catalog of the best baby car seats.

On this occasion we have a seat made by the Milofix brand, which like the previous two, is a company that has been dedicated to the development of this type of products and has managed to meet the needs and needs of parents more demanding looking for a quality chair, with a lot of comfort for their children and to protect them in case there could be an accident. Something that stands out is that we find a model that will not shine too much for its design, being the most chosen by those who seek a harmony between the usual upholstery of your vehicle along with the baby chair since it has a color blackish gray that usually all the interiors share. It has a very sophisticated installation system, called ISOFIX that will ensure that the seat is very well secured and therefore, does not move however complicated the terrain is. The maximum age of use will be in the 4 years, while if we talk about the placement of backs of this seat will be up to 18 months inclusive, entering within the group 0/1. Among its benefits we find a case that we can easily remove, if the baby has dirtied, can be washed both in the washing machine and by hand, as the buyer prefers.

But what really stands out is that it has a revolving base, to place the baby in the position you want. This base is only going to be able to turn when its lever is activated, so the baby will always be safe, ideal if you want to change its position while the car is parked, or if you are in a service area and want to feed it without lowering it from its seat.


Car seat Disney Piku

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Sometimes, a product that has the image of a Disney character may jump out of price, costing even twice the price it could have if it had nothing drawn. In the same way, it is also possible to find objects that do not have the quality that we seek, paying mostly for the image, rather than for something else. However, in this car seat Piku brand, we will find a product of the highest quality and above has one of the most charismatic characters in the current scene of Disney films, Elsa Frozen.

Since the movie was released, practically all the items have been filled with the figure of the ice princess, and the car seats for babies were not going to be less. Piku is able to give a very youthful and fun touch to this product, using a beautiful blue, as well as some snowflakes that embellish the final result of its design. But in this product not everything is going to be this, but it has a very resistant structure, but at the same time comfortable for the little one, being able to be used when it is still a young age until those who have already grown considerably more. Therefore, this chair, which has at all times the European regulations for road safety, would enter the group 1/2/3 including, therefore, those between 9 and 36 kilos of weight.

Among the benefits that you will find in this product is the comfort, being able at all times to regulate the height of both the headrest and the backrest for the back, something that very few take into account and that helps that, while the child is going growing, the structure of the chair suits him and not the other way around. It is advised that when the child is already in a weight between 15 kilos and 36, secure the child with the car’s own safety belt, removing the harness that will be used only for babies. The cover is also going to be washable, so at all times the face of Elsa will be impeccable.

Car seat RECARO Young Sport Hero

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If one of the premises that the car seat should have for your baby is that it is one of the safest products that exist within the current market offer, we can assure you that with the following model of the Recaro house, you will enter what you are looking for and at an exceptional price.

We are facing a product that breaks a bit with the schemes we were used to seeing, since, although the previous ones were very safe, when you see this, you feel like your little one is going to go much more protected, from the body and legs up to the head, since its headrest is very wide, with lateral protections that will serve to drop the head for when you are sleepy and therefore, do not have the neck bent in a bad posture, but also avoiding that, in case Lateral impact, no glass or other element can reach the baby. The design is very robust, having some basic colors, counting on black for the toughest and toughest parts, while the rest will be gray, indicating the place that will have everything more cushioned and nice for the child. This area in addition to being padded is very soft, so the child will feel very comfortable and will not bother you at any time during the trip because it is uncomfortable.

The age to use this product is somewhat wider than in other cases, you can use it from babies who have barely reached 9 months, up to 12 years of age, so, with very little money, you will be able to enjoy a product that will last almost the entire infant stage of your child. Regarding the security tell you that it has the special system Hero, with which you will be insured to minor for up to 5 different points, so that you can not move from the seat, no matter how restless you are. The subjection to the own car is very simple, being able to do it in only a few seconds to not delay in setting course for your trip.


Baby car seat Disney

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We get to another baby seat that especially will love the smallest of the house, since it has a Disney design in which the star is Minnie Mouse, the famous little mouse. If we compare it with the previous design, in which Elsa could be enjoyed, we can say that it has some shortcomings with respect to what we had, however, because of the price that it will have, and because of the protection it offers, it is a good product within what fits, being able to qualify as one of the standard models of this list of the best baby car seats, but with a fun touch, earning a lot especially in its careful and beautiful design.

As we told you in the introduction, the best you can find in this chair is its careful design, in which Minnie is the only protagonist, finding her right in the headrest with a funny face that will delight the most little ones. On the other hand, on the sides you will have many circles of different sizes in which the majority has the classic silhouette of the head and the two rounded ears, having, therefore, something more personality than some of those that we have presented. In this case, the perfect age to place your child in this seat is from 3 to 12 years, since it does not have a previous chair in which to place those who have a smaller weight. Its structure is quite light, although this does not mean that it is capable of protecting against blows, although at first sight it may seem the opposite. Its anchorage to the adult seat is very simple and easy, having to do a few steps beforehand to get it to hold to perfection. The harnesses are also of quality and will not be released at the first exchange, although it is true that we miss that they are more padded, something that other models, even cheaper if they have and what makes the child not be so uncomfortable sometimes.

Children’s car seat Chicco Seat Up

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We always talk well about the products that the Chicco brand usually brings to the market and this time it will not be different. Although they tend to leave something more expensive than other models already described, it is worth noting that not only has a careful and very sophisticated design, but also will be able to give the best protection to your child, mixing the best advances that can be made in this type of products for the trip with the baby.

The first thing that I am going to tell you about this model is that it has been manufactured for children between the ages of 0 to 6 years old or what is the same until they reach a maximum weight of 25 kilos, being necessary that when arrive at this weight, change for another chair model until they reach the age of 12, since it is mandatory to have a chair up to that age. Regarding what is mandatory, this product has all the regulations of the European Union for this type of item, so you will also have a good brand, with everything in order so you can not be fined for having a chair that It is not approved for the placement of vehicles in brand. You will find yourself in group 0, being able to take the baby to the contrary of the running of the car, as long as you remember to deactivate the passenger airbag. While when you have grown a little more you can go looking forward. It has many security systems that make it perfect for long routes without having to worry about the protection of the child, who will have a system that will be subject to up to three different points with the seat belt. Not only will you be able to recline it to place it as best you can, but also, if it is uncomfortable, readjust the headrest adapting it to your child’s height, like the harnesses.

Reclining car seat Piku Moon

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The chairs that we have shown you of the Piku brand have been among all the best you could find, both for the structure, price or safety, however, I must give the first place in the designs to this model called Moon, since it makes use of attractive and colorful colors, but without clashing with the usual upholstery of the car, so, unlike other models, it will not look extravagant or unusual, being perfect for any type of vehicle.

We will have a seat that is suitable for children who reach 9 months with 9 kilos of weight, up to 12 years, being in a weight around 36 kilos. Not only has it been approved in order to comply with European regulations that regulate these products, but it has also been tested so that it has everything necessary to protect those who matter most to us. It is a reclining chair, being able to place the baby in any position always looking for the comfort and rest of the child, something that few offer, it also has a backrest as well as a padded headrest and that can be adjusted to fit it according to the height of the child.


How to choose which of the best baby car seats to buy?

There are many models that we have available so you can choose which is best suited to the characteristics of your child, what if we can tell you that each and every one of them will offer you the best of the best regarding rest and welfare, getting to protect you at all times while you are driving or by your side. Anyway, to help you with the choice, we are going to indicate some of the benefits that we see important when buying one of these products that are so important.
Car seat for babies 9 months

The first thing that we are going to comment on is that, as you may have seen, there are chairs of different groups, depending on the age or weight of the child. This is very important to keep in mind, because if you buy a model that will only serve until the first years of your child’s life, you must buy another product when it has reached the maximum allowed, having to make another payment. We can recommend you if you want to save money, is that you always buy those that have more age range, since spending a little money, you will have a car seat until 12 years of age, when it is already allowed that the Child can sit in the normal seat of the car and can be considered as an adult passenger like any other.

However, there is an age in which it is very difficult to find models that also include the child’s adult age, which is the age between 0 and 9 months, since the structure and mode of travel will radically change , since it is mandatory that the baby goes against the direction of driving.
Baby car seat comfort

In the case of the characteristics that the car seat must have for the baby, there are several important points, in which we can point out the comfort and comfort of the child, being able to rest while sitting without risk to injuries because it is in a poor condition. position. As a general rule, all models fully comply with this requirement, since it is something that is very important and that all buyers are going to look at. But on the other hand, you have to be aware that you have to have a rigid structure, in which the baby is not going to move but also that is totally protected from any blow that could receive, as it is necessary to have some Harnesses that do not tighten and therefore, is well subject, without moving, but comfortable, these being some of the necessary premises.

The fabric is also very important in these cases, since it must be soft and pleasant to the touch, not at all rough and breathable well, making the child not feel uncomfortable, because this will result in crying and discomfort, which will make the Driving becomes very difficult and in some points even impossible. On the other hand, and although virtually all models of baby car seats include it, you must have proof that the covers must be washable, whether done by hand or machine, since it will be very common for the child to stain the chair either food or other forms and therefore, it is preferable to remove them after the trip to remain as new.

My name is roby, ​​I am a social worker, I have two children whom I love and love with madness. I like to give all the best to my little ones, informing myself of each new article that goes on sale, so I think that my experience can be of great help in your new life as a mother.
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