When we have our newborn, we have to be prepared for everything, to give him the best rest, to feed him, but we must also look for his daily cleanliness, being one of the most recommended options to buy one of the best baths for neonates that we offer you. The best thing you will find in these products is that they are adapted to the babies, so that they have a pleasant and comforting experience, spending a while of the most fun while interacting with the water and with their parents. Here you will find the ones that I consider most complete, although you will also find others that have been selected because they are very cheap and meet all expectations.


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We are going to start this catalog with one of the best bathtubs you can find if you are looking for simplicity, with a lot of quality but at the same time, it is a cheap and very useful product. This model will pick up everything we have said and much more, although we find some “buts”, however, we could say that they are simply characteristics that others have and that we need in this model, but otherwise, it will be ideal for your little one

As you can see in the image, its design is not very innovative, having exactly what you are going to ask for, a bathtub for your newborn in which it can be placed according to the stages in which it is. This aspect is something that makes it quite interesting, because we have a first one that is between 0 to 6 months, in which the baby will appreciate more lying in the tub, making it easier to wash. While, on the other hand, you have the sitting position, which will be understood between 6 and 15 months of age. Therefore, for the cheap price you have, you can enjoy a whole year and more of this product, unless you save it for another child, which is the most recommended, because, thanks to the resistant material, you will get I will last you for a long time. In order that the water is always to the point that the child likes, it includes a water thermometer, with which you can check if it cools or if it is very hot so that the child enjoys the experience without having a bad time.

To facilitate the emptying of the bathtub, it has a small system in which you will quickly drain the water you have used, being able to keep the baby inside the bathtub at all times, in order to dry it if you want in this place or direct it to another part. So that you have access to everything you need for your little one’s bathroom, they provide you in your design with a place to place both the liquid soap and the sponge.


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We continue with the bathtubs that will most help you to bathe the little one with one that I like a lot, especially because it will offer you a range of colors so that you can choose, escaping from those, which become somewhat bland and lifeless, giving that touch of fun color and that, in addition, will please the children since they will be more stimulated to get into the water.

As you can see, it is a tub of resistant plastic that is translucent, so, depending on the place where you go to bathe your baby light will go through the structure of the product, creating lights that will please the child. You can also buy other colors online, there is the possibility of pink, in case you want your girl to have this color, having the same qualities as the one described here.

Having described this, we have to tell you that it is a very anatomical model in which the baby will feel comfortable, comforted, and that has several advantages even at a price as cheap as it presents. On the one hand, and for the benefit of both the parents and the child, the place where you will find this will be non-slip, so there will be no risk of you submerging in the water, or that you can move while you are with him passing the sponge through his body. On the other hand, we found that you will be able to use it throughout your first year, since it has the two recommended positions for neonatal children, which is the lying position or integral that will range between 0 to 6 months, while the next consists of a sitting position that will go from 6 months to the year. For more security, they recommend that we never leave the baby alone in the water and that at all times there is an adult with him.

Another strong point is that it will hardly weigh, so you can store it wherever you want since it will occupy very little space and is very light, not even reaching 300 grams.


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Next, we are going to analyze a bathtub that according to its manufacturer has revolutionized both the baby bath that has received several childcare awards in the city of Cologne, being something that stands out, since it is considered an international event and therefore which has been voted by thousands of people around the world.

The design, which is the first thing that usually catches our attention, seems somewhat simpler than those we have analyzed and compared so far, although it has many small details in which you have to look carefully in order to know how to give all the utility to this product. The color will be unique for all, being a reddish hue but closer to the pink, however, you will find other pieces of different colors that we will explain what they are. In this bathtub you will not have forms in which the baby will be able to be placed and stay “fixed” but have used two non-slip areas in which the baby is going to be subject, these areas are very soft and will not irritate the skin of the little one. With this bathtub, as with the ones we have explained above, you will also be able to bathe it in two different ways, lying down or sitting, depending on the child stage you are in, being able to use this product until an age close to 18 months, since it will surely stay small.

On the other hand, the design of the bathtub means that the adult who is going to wash the child can rest better, putting the forearms in the bathtub itself and not getting tired of the same position. It also includes two ideal spaces to place the sponge or soap. Right in the middle of the product, we have a compartment that will be the drain, being able to keep the baby in the bathtub, while changing the water again. On the other hand, and to facilitate the filling, has a slot in which you can fix the shower head, plus a handle to move the tub from one side to another, or just hang it.






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